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Be ready to play until you drop! Maria Βekatorou presents.


It is beloved by all. It is unpredictable. It is fun. It's "Still Standing" returning for the 4th consecutive season.

Maria Bekatorou tests our knowledge, puts her personal stamp on entertainment and gives rhythm to our afternoons.

The rules are known, one contestant against ten opponents! Whoever manages to stay upright until the end is the winner with a prize up to € 30,000 this year as well.

Ten duels of knowledge with the central player having three folds at his disposal. One wrong answer is enough to open the hatch, fall into the void and lead his opponent to the beginning of a new cycle of survival.

This year, in "Still Standing", the game becomes even richer and more satisfying since in the already existing tests ("Questions with pictures", "Questions with anagram", "Find the verse", "Duel") four new ones are added: "Who / does he interpret?", "Who said it ","Find the lyrics - Video Edition"and "Yes or No".

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