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Every week a well-known reporter presents a crime of passion that is analyzed by criminologists and other experts.


The new crime drama series "Εglima ke Pathos" dramatizes, in standalone episodes, shocking crimes. Passionate relationships that lead to crime, abominable killings that seek the culprit and criminals beyond suspicion are at the center of stormy stories that leave their footprints in souls and minds.

With a keen cinematic look, Dimitris Arvanitis inventively combines fiction and documentary narratives and manages to penetrate into the murderer's mind as well as into the psychology of his prospective victim. In every episode of the new series, a narrator will unravel the thread of each story to the end. Valid and reputable experts will illuminate the dark spots of each crime by analyzing the perpetrator, the only eyewitness in the victim's last nightmarish moments.

What did they think about when they passed that thin red line? What motivation armed their hand to commit a crime of passion?

What does it mean to instigate the murder? And what can lead a person to suicide? In "Eglima ke Pathos" we witness the human deadlock discovering inexplicable paths of mind in a labyrinth of dazzling feelings. Famous and prominent as well as new actors are the cast of the new drama series.

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