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  • How can I watch ANT1 Europe?

    ANT1 Europe is currently available throughout Europe on  EUTELSAT and via cable in Germany, France, Turkey and Albania. In order to watch, you will need a satellite dish, a decoder compatible with Viaccess encryption systems and a pre-paid ANT1 Europe smart card. Click here to find contact information.

    (ANT1 Εurope is not available in Greece and Cyprus)

  • How much does ANT1 Europe cost?

    ANT1 Europe satellite subscription on ΕUTELSAT costs €6,5 per month (12month subscription by credit card). Contact us to learn about our new offers! For more information concerning the cost of cable subscription, please contact the platform that you’re interested it. Click here for contact information.

  • Is ANT1 Europe the same as ANT1 TV in Greece?

    It broadcasts 24/7 live from Greece. In addition to the live News Bulletin, Greek Series, Entertainment and Current Affair shows of ANT1 TV, the daily schedule is enriched with tailored features for Greeks living abroad including: Greek Movies, Children’s programming, a weekly Magazino and the most popular Cypriot News and series. ANT1 Europe does not broadcast the foreign program and the Greek movies that are screened by ANT1 TV.

  • How can I advertise on ANT1 Europe?

    There are various marketing opportunities available. For additional information click here.

  • How can I get in contact with a specific program

    Many programs have their own websites which can be found in the “Shows” section of our website. Feel free to direct your requests to the contact information provided by their websites. If you cannot find specific information, please send us your request and we will try our best to put you in contact with the appropriate department.

  • I have a question/comment/suggestion. How can I contact the programming department?

    We welcome our viewer feedback and constantly strive to provide the best in Greek programming. Please feel free to contact us here.

  • I am experiencing technical problems. What can I do?

    Being that ANT1 Europe is broadcast live and direct from Athens, there are some occasions where outside factors such as weather conditions might cause a problem in the reception and/or quality of your signal. We ask for your understanding and please keep in mind that we constantly strive to provide our viewers with the greatest level of satisfaction. We recommend that you contact your platform if you are experiencing technical problems on a regular basis.

  • Other

    Please feel free to contact us with any issue you may have.

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