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ANT1 turns fun into a "family affair".


ANT1 turns fun into a "family affair". "Lucky Room", the most fun and family game show on ANT1 hosted by the beloved Giorgos Liagas.
But what is "Lucky Room" and why does it stand out? It is the first game show in which not only the whole family is involved, but it is the one that has the last word.

In each episode of "Lucky Room" there are three players. The host asks a question in every round of the game and the player that comes closest to the correct answer is linked to the "Lucky Room", a specially constructed room without audiovisual contact with the central studio, where his family is located and has access to the lucky buzzers. Mando Gasteratou will be there to welcome each player's family members and she will live the suspense of the game with them. Will they press the lucky buzzer?

Each player has in front of him a "money tree" with 5 sums, which are connected to 5 different buzzers. The family is asked to guess which of the 5 buzzers hides the biggest amount of the money tree. The amount that results from the particular choice is added to the player's account. The family that will be able to collect the largest amount of money at the end of the nine questions gives the player a ticket for the next and final phase.
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