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This equation does not require a mathematician but a psychologist!


A couple + four children + two mothers-in-law + two close friends =?

A family that has many reasons to be happy but even more to go to a psychologist. He, she and the other relatives light the wick in an explosive mixture of family madness and laughter!

A couple, after several years of living together, four children, a job, obligations and all the big and small things that everyday life has, decides to go to a marriage psychologist-counselor. Their sex life, their fatigue, her whining, his immaturity and grievances, the difficult adolescence of their two daughters, their quirky little son, their baby, their friends, their social life, but also their two mothers-in-law, create all the conditions to get them out of bounds! Their daily life has turned into a huge street race, while at the same time they try to keep the flame of their marriage strong. Seeing all the friends and acquaintances divorce, they decide to visit the marriage psychologist-counselor. In the appointment with the psychologist, the couple unfolds the most comically tragic scenes of the daily family madness they live. Because every good session, you know how it will start, but you do not know where it will end ... !!!

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